Post-Event for Nonprofits

    BASIC PLAN ($60/Month)
    48in48 Hosting details:

    Email Support for ‘How To’ Questions (no tasks)
    Details: This is the ability to ask and get an answer to any question related to your website.

    WP Core & Plugin Updates
    Details: WordPress needs to be updated weekly at least. The nonprofit can do it on their own, but need to make a site backup first each time.

    Daily Off-Site Backups
    Details: This is also something a nonprofit can do if they wish, they will just need to know how. This is something we do in order to be sure the site is always secure and backed up

    Weekly Security Scans (no cleanup)
    Details: These are scans to ensure that the site isn't hacked, but does not include getting the site unhacked.

    Video User Manuals plugin
    Details: These are video tutorials in the back end of the site that will help to guide the Nonprofit through making updates.

    ADVANCED PLAN ($90/Month)
    Unlimited 30 minute tasks (fixes or updates)
    Details: In addition to the above benefits, this feature of the Advanced Plan offers unlimited functionality changes and adjustments to your site.

    *Should a nonprofit chose to stay with 48in48 as their host, the nonprofit will automatically be charged $60/month beginning on December 16th. (There is no penalty for moving hosts and there is an option for you to download all files created for you at 48in48 to implement elsewhere. That process should be worked out with your new host.)
  • Indicate if you have you filled out the below form providing your payment information? (If the form has not filled out by December 15th, you will not receive support for your new site and your site will be taken down.)

    Payment Processing Form Here: