Nonprofit Applicant Information

Thank you for applying to be a part of 48in48! We can't wait to get started!


For your review:

Your submission has gone to our selection committee made up of tech professionals and Nonprofit experts in your city. As a reminder, there are three phases of the 48in48 Nonprofit Program:

  • Applicant
  • Candidate
  • Participant

All "Applicants" will be reviewed for eligibility. If eligible and a good fit for our program, a Nonprofit will be permitted to continue to round two, the "Candidate" phase - completing our course work. Your volunteer team needs a large amount of information and content to build you a great, new, impactful website.  Moving steadily forward matters. The first 48 Nonprofits to complete the three courses will be chosen to be a "Participant."  Participants will be partnered with a Project Manager who will lead the team building your new website.

Course One of the Candidate phase requires the Nonprofit to: have VALID credentials for their current domain host, create a CloudFlare account and to redirect their NameServers from their current host to this CloudFlare account.

*Please go ahead and get this information! This can sometimes be very tricky information to gather but without it, 48in48 cannot launch your new website and therefore, can not allow you to move forward in the process. Remember, the first 48 to complete the three courses get the new websites.

Thank you again and good luck!!!