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Setting up the Giving Plugin to use Paypal

  • Start in the dashboard on the backend of the site
  • Click on Plugins
  • Look for the Give plugin and click Activate
  • Click on Donations in your left admin menu
  • Click “Create a Donation Form”
  • Enable “Custom Amount”
  • Update Donations levels (you have to scroll down a bit)
    • Suggest the following donation levels
      • $10
      • $25
      • $50
      • $100
      • $250
  • On the left, under Donations, click on Settings
  • Click on “Payment Gateways”
  • Disable Test Mode at the top
  • Click the “Paypal Standard” checkbox
  • Unclick the other checkboxes above the Paypal Standard checkbox
  • Click “Save Changes”
  • Click on “Paypal Standard” near the top
  • Paste in your nonprofit’s paypal email address in the PayPal email field
  • Click on “Save Change”
  • Click on “All Forms”
  • Edit the form you just created.
  • Copy and edit the short code for this form. Here is a screenshot:
  • Now, go into the Donation Page, and copy this short code into a text module. The form will auto populate.
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