diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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48in48 is an organization committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 48in48 recognizes its responsibility to positively impact the world for our volunteers, employees, consultants, directors, supporting partners, nonprofit partners, and the overall community where 48in48 operates. Our growth continues to be tied to the energy and creativity brought by this diverse group of stakeholders.

our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices

We strive to ensure fairness, equality, and diversity in attracting, compensating, motivating, and/or promoting our stakeholders.

48in48 recognizes and focuses efforts to develop and sustain a culture of inclusion and fairness where every stakeholder feels valued and revered for his/her/their ideas, background, and perspective. Our efforts ensure that our service offering benefits society as a whole in accordance with our core value of simultaneous promotion of all interests.

Our organization is uniquely positioned to champion diversity as a means of creating new opportunities for our volunteers as we work to improve the digital footprint, on a global scale, for our nonprofits with every event. Our leadership team and board members embrace the commitment to inclusion as a fundamental core value of our organization and strategy.

our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our success is tied to the diverse backgrounds, skills, and experience of all of our stakeholders. Valuing those differences, our strategies proactively invite and promote inclusion while driving our ongoing commitment to supporting causes that reflect our community interests. This has also led us to develop initiative-based programs that present volunteers and sponsors with a way to meet their diversity goals.

48in48 values diversity and does not discriminate on grounds of age, color, disability, gender, marital status, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation, or any other irrelevant or illegal characteristics.

Inclusion is a reflection of the 48in48 culture where every individual feels valued, respected, and supported. Our willingness and the ability to recognize, understand, respect, and then fully utilize the unique contributions of each individual. We believe inclusion leads to innovation where the right conditions are in place for individuals to share their ideas.