2019 Impact Report: Comcast

Boston, MA

October 25-27, 2019

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$0 Million



Sponsored Nonprofit Sites

Check out how Comcast helped 48in48 reach $1.5 Million of impact in Boston and $8 Million worldwide...


In October of 2019, over 150 volunteers and partners across Boston came together to serve nonprofits in Boston and worldwide. Comcast sponsored five (5) nonprofits to receive a brand new website.

After 48 hours of hard work and collaboration, their dedication resulted in $125,000 to those 5 nonprofits and $1.5 million of impact overall.

Check out Comcast's Impact at #48in48BOS

Nonprofit Impact

In 2019, Volunteers created new websites and other digital assets for nonprofits in Boston, a $1.5 Million Impact!

Check out a few of the new websites built at #48in48BOS:

Sponsor Exposure

  • Local Recognition:
    • Recognized as Local Event Sponsor at #48in48BOS
    • Company name mention during opening and closing event program
    • Sponsor highlight feature on 48in48 social media
    • Opportunity to provide donated items for participating volunteers and nonprofits
  • Logo Inclusion:
    • Logo and hyperlink on 48in48 each sponsored local event webpage
    • Event t-shirts
    • Event promotional materials (sponsor banner)

You are the reason we have helped nearly 1000 nonprofits and built our impact to $27 Million and climbing!

Our Mission

Mobilizing Marketing and Technology Volunteers to Serve Nonprofits Worldwide.

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