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Helping 48 nonprofits better serve their communities with 48 websites. All in 48 hours.

The website that the UPS team build for us during the 48in48 event easily surpassed our expectations, both in design and functionality. I got goosebumps as I effortlessly navigated through our new professional website.

Georgia Parent Support Network

We can’t thank you enough for the blessing of our new website! I was moved to tears when I saw it as it as the launching pad we so desperately needed to reach the next level of our community financial education project for Georgia.

Urban Asset Builders

The website looks AMAZING and Northside Fresh is eternally grateful for the work you all put in to make this event and our website a success!

Northside Fresh

Our Mission

To help the helpers – and in doing so, to strengthen our communities. 48in48 brings together nonprofits striving to do the most good, local digital professionals seeking to volunteer their unique skills, and companies looking to donate to a cause that has exponential impact.

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Share in the accomplishment of building 48 websites for 48 local nonprofits in 48 hours. Since 2015, 48in48 has generated more than $10.5 Million in value through websites, logos, and marketing education for nonprofits whose impact and exposure has grown as a result.


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