Finding the DNS and Registrar Information

In the 90’s, if you wanted a domain name, you would pick up the phone and call InterNic. You would tell them you wanted a domain, they would ask you which one, they would say “Ok, it is yours”. Life was great. If you needed to make a DNS change, you’d pick up the phone…

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How to get Support (Help) During the Event

When you are working as a volunteer at a 48in48 event it’s common to get stuck and need help. Most support during an event happens on slack (, helping you to connect to the specific support team you need. How to connect to Slack Get invited via Email, ask your PM. Join the Workspace –…

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What is a Social Entrepreneur? (Hint. It’s you.)

social entrepreneur 48in48

“From education to inclusion, social entrepreneurs use market forces to build better societies.” Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship   Social entrepreneurs drive community innovation and transformation. They pursue community improvement goals with creative zeal, business methodologies, financial backing, and the courage to innovate. Bringing together all of this passion, stewardship, and intelligence, these people build…

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