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October 4-6, 2019

#48in48ATL #48IN48

Location - TBD

Welcome to the volunteer portal. This is where you can find all of the volunteer information you will need for your 48in48 event. Please bookmark this page and come back here when you have questions as this page will be updated regularly.


Essential Volunteer Documents

Exec Team Contact List

A contact list of 48in48 - staff, program directors, committee chairs and city PMs.  These will be your first people to reach out to with questions or problems.

Communication (Slack)

We use Slack to communicate before and during events. Being on Slack will be critical to make this event a success for you and our nonprofits.

Trello (Staying Organized)

We use Trello to keep our events and teams organized. It's a great visual tool for project management. This document will give you step by step instructions to get set up.

Knowledge Base

We have an extensive and searchable knowledge base to help you before and during your event. Here you will find articles that will answer most of your questions about the event, build process, volunteer experience, etc.


Job Descriptions

Who’s Who in 48in48

Interested in getting more involved?  Volunteering with us is great way to build new skills, connect with co-workers, network with professionals in your industry.

Program Director

The Program Directors are key 48in48 volunteers.  They are Global Committee members who provide support, training and leadership for the City PMs. 

City PO

The City Project Officer (usually two per city) is the leader of all the project managers.  They are the link between the PM; and 48in48 and your nonprofit organizations.

Project Manager

Project Managers are the lead volunteer on the build team.  They are the link between you the volunteer; and 48in48, your City PM and your nonprofit organizations.


Build Team Resources

Plugins List

All 48in48 sites are built on WordPress. We have a curated selection of plugins available at all our events that make building the website simple and effective.

General Resources

These are lists of how-to articles and videos.  Anything that has come up at a past event, we have written a how-to article to address it or found a video that covers it.

Nonprofit Coursework

Many questions arise around what information we gather from NPs and where to find it.  This will walk you through that, as well as how to navigate our staging sites.

WordPress Overview

This is a deck talking about WordPress in general.  Focus on Slide 13. There are a number of links to great information.

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