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2019 Impact Report


Volunteer Hours

$0 Million



Nonprofit Sites Built


Super Service; Atlanta, GA

Raleigh, NC

New York City, NY

Atlanta, GA

Dallas, TX

Boston, MA

London, ENG, UK

Check out how 1,150 volunteers helped reach $8 Million of impact across the globe in 2019!


2019 Top Sponsors

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In 2019, nearly 1125 volunteers, sponsors, NFL Player Advocates, and partners across seven cities mobilize marketing and technology volunteers to serve nonprofits worldwide. After 48 hours of hard work and collaboration, their dedication resulted in $8 million of impact.

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Nonprofit Impact

In 2019, Volunteers create new websites and other digital assets for nonprofits in Atlanta, Raleigh, New York City, Boston, Dallas, and London, a $8 Million Impact!

Check out a few of the new websites created:

Local Volunteer Engagement

In 2019, over 1150 skills-based marketing and technology volunteers across seven cities attended 48in48.

That's 42,000 volunteer hours!


Volunteer Quotes:

"To help approximately a dozen local nonprofits who we know have a far more profound impact and ripple effect in our community beyond those they serve." IBM in Raliegh, NC

"The energy and enthusiasm were through the roof and I loved getting the chance to be part of a positive team-building experience that allowed everyone to come together for a good cause." Brightwave, Atlanta, GA

"Such a rewarding and positive experience for both the volunteers and the nonprofits." - IBM, New York City, NY

48in48 Player Advocates

48in48 hosted the Inaugural Super Service partnering with retired and current NFL players to advocate for charities and 48in48 in the week leading up to the Big Game.

To Player Advocates, 48in48 offers the opportunity to build their charity website as a 48in48 Nonprofit Recipient.

Check out a few Player Websites built:

You are the reason we have helped nearly 950 nonprofits and built our impact to $27 Million and climbing!

Our Mission

Mobilizing Marketing and Technology Volunteers to Serve Nonprofits Worldwide.